Do's and Don'ts in Thailand
Different countries have different traditions, cultures and practices, so when visiting a country, it is necessary to learn the local do’s and don'ts. Thailand also has do’s and don'ts to follow.
Electric and electronic cigarettes are illegal in Thailand – Prohibition on importing by tourists
The Department of Disease Control, Office of the Consumer Protection Committee, Royal Thai Police.
Kingdom of Thailand’s checklist of items that are restricted and prohibited from importing and exporting
The Customs Act B.E. 2560 (2017) contains import requirements and limits on items brought to the Kingdom of Thailand that all parties involved, whether Thai or foreign tourists, must comply with in order to avoid fines.
Cannabis measures that tourists need to know
Currently, the conditions for using cannabis in different countries can vary quite a bit, so the use of cannabis or taking it abroad requires extra caution, as many countries around the world still prohibit cannabis imports.
Entry requirements concerning Covid-19 for international passengers
COVID-19, formerly classed as a “dangerous communicable disease” has been downgraded to a “communicable disease that requires surveillance,” causing people who travel to Thailand to question whether they have to comply with any announcements or rules.
Travel insurance
If you are one of those who frequently travel abroad, and if you are deciding to travel in Thailand.
Visa types for normal tourism
Of course, when we want to travel around the world, one of the important things that foreign tourists need to have is a visa to enter that country.
The 30-day tourist visa, Por.30: How to get one, and how to extend it
Tourists who want to travel to Thailand without getting a visa beforehand can apply for a “free visa,” or Por.30 visa, when they arrive, having only a passport.
What documents do foreigners need to open a bank account in Thailand?
Foreigners coming to Thailand can open an account with a Thai bank.
Highlights of tourist attractions in each region
The most enduring charm of Thailand is that it is a land of rich nature, cultural diversity, and beautiful cultural traditions that have been passed down since ancient times
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