Do's and Don'ts in Thailand

Do's and Don'ts in Thailand

Do's and Don'ts in Thailand      

     Different countries have different traditions, cultures and practices, so when visiting a country, it is necessary to learn the local do’s and don'ts. Thailand also has do’s and don'ts to follow.


  1. Thais greet one another and pay respect by saying “Sawasdee.
  2. Thais always smile at each other, showing friendliness even if they have never met each other before.
  3. When hearing the national anthem, one should stand up straight to show honor and respect for the national institutions.
  4. When the royal anthem is played in theaters or movie theaters, it is proper to stand up straight to pay homage to the monarchy.
  5. Shoes should be removed when entering houses or places of worship, such as chapels, temples, etc.
  6. When invited or visiting, guests should have a gift to show goodwill, and the host should prepare something and welcome the guests.
  7. Thais call each other by their normal, given names. However, when close and familiar, they will use each other's nickname with the prefix “khun” ("you") for politeness.
  8. Thais prefer to eat with spoons and forks.
  9. Thais will show respect by honoring the elders and important people.
  10. When eating together, Thais honor the elders before eating.


  1. Do not violate or insult the three essential institutions:  the nation, religion, and the monarchy.
  2. Thais consider the head the highest, most sacred, and cleanest body part. Therefore, do not touch or place objects over people’s heads; such acts are regarded as disrespectful to them.
  3. Thais consider their feet to be low. Therefore, they should not use their feet to point at objects they want or step over people or things such as food, books, etc.
  4. Buddha images are something that Thai people highly respect. Therefore, do not do anything that shows disrespect, such as climbing statues or placing them in a low place.
  5. Do not wear black for auspicious events such as weddings, patient visits, birthdays, etc.
  6. Do not show love by hugging and kissing in public or religious places.
  7. Do not dress disrespectfully, such as in short dresses or open shoulders, when entering religious places or landmarks.
  8. Do not embarrass others in public or in front of a crowd.
  9. Do not greet Thai people, especially ladies, with hugs or kisses.
  10. Do not talk or chew loudly while eating.

Source: Ministry of Culture, 10 Thiamruammit Road, Huaykwang, Bangkok 10310. Tel. +66 2422 8888

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