"PAD KRAPHRAO" The Cure-All Thai Dish & The Award-Wining Recipe
Here’s the recipe we stole from the winners at the recent World Kaphrao Thailand Grand Prix 2023.
Don't Miss: 6 Thai Restaurants Among the Top 100 Best Restaurants in the World
Food connoisseurs should not miss the six Thai restaurants that have made it onto the list of the Top 100 Best Restaurants in the World.
Promoting Gastronomy Tourism with Amazing Thailand Culinary City
The Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) has launched the Amazing Thailand Culinary City project to elevate and globalize Thai cuisine's prestige and value.
Som Tum Ranked 6th Among the World's Best Salads
Som Tum, a top-rated dish when it comes to Thai cuisine, has captivated food lovers around the world. Its uniquely bold and spicy flavors have earned Som Tum widespread recognition and popularity on a global scale.
Revealing the Top 10 Nationalities of Tourists Visiting Thailand in April 2023
Data from the Ministry of Tourism and Sports suggests that in the first four months of 2023, Thailand welcomed a cumulative total of 8,596,452 international tourists, generating more than 353,331 million baht in revenue.
Summer warning: Food spoils easily, risk of many diseases
During the summer months, from February to mid-May, temperatures can become extremely hot. This can have an impact on both health and food safety.
Tourism Calendar - ASEAN Cafe Show 2023
The ASEAN Cafe Show 2023 (ACS) might not be familiar to many, but it is an event that beverage and bakery entrepreneurs should not miss. This event combines the Thailand Coffee, Tea & Drinks (TCTD) and Thailand Bakery & Ice Cream (TBI) shows
"Khao Mok Gai (Thai Biryani) - Grilled Chicken" Among Top 50 Best Chicken Dishes in the World
The renowned food website, “Tasteatlas”, has ranked the top 100 best chicken dishes in the world and found that two Thai chicken dishes have made the list. Khao Mok Gai (Thai Biryani) is ranked at 38th with a score of 4.3.
Plan your journey effortlessly with the "SAWASDEE by AOT" App
"SAWASDEE by AOT" is an application that every traveler should have on their mobile phone, as it has been developed to provide convenience for tourists, travelers, and the general public.
Eastern Season of Food and Fruit Festivals
Every year, from April to July, the fruit season in the eastern region of Thailand sees a massive influx of produce to the market.
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