Protection & Safety of Visitors

Characteristics of Thailand's Summer in 2023
The summer of 2023 in Thailand starts in early March and ends in mid-May. The weather is generally hot and very hot in many areas, especially from mid-March to late April. Alternately, there will be occasional thunderstorms in many places
The Seasons of Thailand
Thailand is located in the tropics, north of the equator, so it has a humid tropical climate. The average temperature throughout the country is 18-38 degrees Celsius. The summer is about three months long, with the hottest weather in mid-April.
Heatstroke and the dangers of extreme heat
People with medical conditions should be cautious during the scorching summers in Thailand, typically from mid-February to May.
Water Travel Guide
Water tourism is another form of tourism that is highly popular, especially in popular places such as Thai beaches, which are known as world-class tourist attractions that tourists must experience.
Plan your journey effortlessly with the "SAWASDEE by AOT" App
"SAWASDEE by AOT" is an application that every traveler should have on their mobile phone, as it has been developed to provide convenience for tourists, travelers, and the general public.
Tourist Information Center
The Tourist Information Center is a part of the Ministry of Tourism and Sports's Tourism Promotion and Warning Program for both Thai and foreign tourists, following measures to ensure the safety of the life and property of tourists.
Do's and Don'ts in Thailand
Different countries have different traditions, cultures and practices, so when visiting a country, it is necessary to learn the local do’s and don'ts. Thailand also has do’s and don'ts to follow.
Typical weather during the rainy season in northern Thailand
From mid-May to mid-June, Thailand experiences a steady increase in rainfall, with 40-60 percent of the area receiving heavy rain. In the east and southwest, 60-80 percent of the region experiences heavy rain. In some places
Characteristics of summer in the southwest of Thailand in 2023
Winter and summer are the best seasons for tourism in Thailand. The most popular time to visit is November-April, primarily because there is less rain during the cool season and hot season.
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