Setting personal income tax rates
Every individual with income has the responsibility to file and pay personal income tax. The Revenue Department has established a minimum assessable income level for individuals required to file a tax return.
Guidelines for exempting and reducing income tax for long-term foreign residents
In response to the global crisis of COVID-19 that has had substantial impacts on economies worldwide, including Thailand, slowing economic growth, measures to reduce and exempt taxes have been introduced to stimulate the economy.
Thailand exempts foreign actors from income tax for five years for filming in the country
Ever since the outbreak of COVID-19 worldwide, beginning in early 2020, its increasing severity has impacted globally, compelling every country to implement protective measures and control the disease by limiting travel into their territories.
Donating Tax Return to Political Parties
Individual income taxpayers can participate in the political process and contribute to the strength of their preferred political parties. Since the tax year 2008
Calculation of personal income tax deductions
In calculating personal income tax, the law stipulates that each type of income can deduct expenses (operating costs) first
Submission Schedule for Personal Income Tax Return
The submission of the Personal Income Tax Return has two periods
Penalties for incorrect tax payment - late payment
Paying taxes is a crucial responsibility of every citizen as it provides revenue for the government. This revenue is allocated to the national budget for managing the country.
Types of taxable income for individuals
Individuals who earn income are obligated to pay personal income tax, and due to the diverse sources of these earnings, the law has classified income (assessable income)
Individuals liable for personal income tax
Personal Income Tax is a tax collected from the general public who have any type of income. Unless there are laws granting exemptions, they are subject to tax.
Tax deduction rights for personal income tax payers
Taxes are a means by which the government collects from its citizens who have an income according to certain criteria, in order to use the funds for the development of various areas of the country.
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