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Thailand exempts foreign actors from income tax for five years for filming in the country
Ever since the outbreak of COVID-19 worldwide, beginning in early 2020, its increasing severity has impacted globally, compelling every country to implement protective measures and control the disease by limiting travel into their territories.
Submission Schedule for Personal Income Tax Return
The submission of the Personal Income Tax Return has two periods
Types of taxable income for individuals
Individuals who earn income are obligated to pay personal income tax, and due to the diverse sources of these earnings, the law has classified income (assessable income)
Foreign Worker Situation in Thailand in November 2022
As of November 2022, there are a total of 2,891,807 foreigners who have been permitted to work in the Kingdom of Thailand
Is social security a requirement for all foreign workers?
With regard to foreign workers who come to work in Thailand, in order to receive protection and have welfare and various benefits.
Foreign worker situation in Thailand by type of immigration and occupation
As of November 2022, foreigners who have been permitted to work in the Kingdom of Thailand
Do foreign workers working in Thailand have to pay taxes?
Currently, 2,685,063 foreign workers are working in Thailand legally (data as of October 2022), of which 246,269 are skilled workers.
If foreign workers want to work in Thailand without being deceived by an employer or a criminal, what can they do?
Criminals that trick foreign workers into working in Thailand illegally come in many forms.
If foreign workers are infected with COVID-19, how does the government help take care of them?
According to the announcement of the Ministry of Public Health on 1 July 2022, the medical system set up to handle the Coronavirus Disease 2019.
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