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Travel and work: 'Workation Thailand – Just 100 Baht to Travel and Work'
The Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) has launched a campaign named "Workation Thailand – Just 100 Baht to Travel and Work", extending the government's policy of promoting remote work in order to stimulate domestic travel
The Ministry of Labor organizes a competition to recruit young people on the ASEAN stage
The Department of Skill Development, Ministry of Labor, is organizing the 29th National Skill Competition from 22 to 24 May 2023 at the Skill Development Institute 1, Samut Prakan, with over 300 Thai youths joining the competition.
Can foreigners working in Thailand apply for Thai nationality?
It often happens that foreign workers who come to work in Thailand, or persons who are looking for a place to work, would like to naturalize in Thailand and become citizens.
Ten places where singles pay homage to sacred objects and ask for love (Location 6: Chao Mae Pradu Shrine)
Sai Mu is looking for a place to be fulfilled in love, but waiting and waiting for soulmate still has not arrived. Try going to Mu once at Chao Mae Pradu Shrine, located in the old market area of Yaowarat, Yaowapanich Road, Samphanthawong District.
Diseases that make foreign workers ineligible to work or take out health insurance
Foreign workers who come to work in Thailand must undergo a medical examination.
Application to stay in Thailand in accordance with Section 15 (diplomat, official), for heads of office, staff, or specialists appointed to perform duties
Foreign heads of offices of organizations or international agencies with Operations Protection Laws in Thailand or approved by the Thai government.
If a foreigner wants to apply for a work visa in Thailand, what are the steps?
Foreigners still living abroad and not yet traveling to Thailand may wish to apply for a visa to work - Non-immigrant “B” visa
What are the steps in the event that a foreign worker enters Thailand and wants to apply for a work visa change?
Foreigners who have entered Thailand but wish to change their visa to work in Thailand must submit an application to change their existing visa to a  Non-Immigrant Visa “B,”
Foreign Worker Situation in Thailand in November 2022
As of November 2022, there are a total of 2,891,807 foreigners who have been permitted to work in the Kingdom of Thailand
Is social security a requirement for all foreign workers?
With regard to foreign workers who come to work in Thailand, in order to receive protection and have welfare and various benefits.
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