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Korea embraces new strategy with Thai BOI investment, focusing on target industries, spurring new wave of investment in Thailand
The initiation of business negotiations and investment consultations between Thailand and Korea is a new strategy employed by the Board of Investment (BOI) of Thailand to stimulate a new wave of investments in the country,
Easily improving, adding to, and repairing your house with “Riak Chang” online
Problems with home repairs are a common source of frustration, but thanks to a new app called “Riak Chang,” released by the Ministry of the Interior at the start of 2023
Land ownership by foreigners in Thailand: Documents required for registration
Once you know in what cases foreigners can own land in Thailand, it is also important to prepare the required documents for registration.
Applying for a change of visa type to receive a retirement visa, for foreigners who want to stay in Thailand for a long time
Elderly foreigners aged 50 years old or more who want to change the type of visa to stay in Thailand long-term should follow the following steps to get a Non-immigrant “O” visa, i.e., a retirement visa.
Purchase of health insurance for a retirement visa for foreigners - in case the insurance company refuses to sell all or part of a health insurance policy
Thailand is a country with beautiful tourist attractions, good weather, delicious food, and smiling Thai people who are kind and generous.
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