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How to Register for Value-Added Tax
The Value-Added Tax (VAT) is collected from the sale of goods or services, whether produced domestically or imported. Business operators with a duty to register for VAT can do so via two methods
Tax-exempt Specific Business Operations
The Specific Business Tax (SBT) is a type of tax under Thai law, collected from certain types of businesses specifically defined by law. It replaces the abolished trade tax and is collected separately from the Value Added Tax (VAT).
Withholding Income Tax
"Withholding income tax" refers to a method of prepaid tax collection. The law mandates that the payor must deduct taxes from the income paid to the recipient each time such income is disbursed.
Penalties regarding violation of Value Added Tax regulations
The Value Added Tax (VAT) is a type of tax collected by the government from consumers who purchase goods or services. This indirect tax is typically collected by business operators from consumers at a current rate of 7%.
Businesses Required to Pay Specific Business Tax
Specific Business Tax is one type of tax according to the Revenue Code, collected from specific types of businesses, replacing the abolished Commercial Tax.
Timeline for Submission of Specific Business Tax Returns
For businesses subject to specific business tax, the tax return should be submitted within the period specified by the Revenue Department.
VAT Registration Certificate
The VAT Registration Certificate is of paramount importance for entrepreneurs, as establishing a company to conduct various business operations must be done properly. One of those steps is registering for VAT.
Specific Business Tax Obligations
The specific business tax obligors are those conducting business activities that are liable to specific business tax, regardless of the form in which such businesses are conducted.
Legal violations in incorrect and incomplete withholding income tax payments
Withholding Income Tax refers to the tax amount deducted by the payer from the payment given to the recipient. The payer is responsible for submitting this deducted tax to the Revenue Department.
Legal entities exempted from income tax
Entities obliged to pay corporate income tax include registered companies or partnerships under the Civil and Commercial Code, which also encompass other legal entities not registered under the Civil
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