Cannabis measures that tourists need to know

Cannabis measures that tourists need to know

Cannabis measures that tourists need to know 

      Currently, the conditions for using cannabis in different countries can vary quite a bit, so the use of cannabis or taking it abroad requires extra caution, as many countries around the world still prohibit cannabis imports, although some countries have begun legislation to allow the importation of marijuana for tourists.

      In many countries where marijuana is still banned, hemp and products containing it are also banned, because hemp is a cannabis plant, though with a very low amount of THC. A partial list includes Indonesia, Japan, Vietnam, Nepal, South Korea, Singapore, Jordan, Iraq, Palestine, Brunei, Cambodia, Egypt, Kenya, and Nigeria. In these countries and others, the importing of cannabis or hemp will be punished according to the laws in each country. Since legal codes are in flux these days, it is important to check on the rules before you travel.  

      In addition, the Ministry of Public Health announced that the smell of smoke from marijuana, hemp, or any other plant may be considered a nuisance, so it has controlled the use of smoking in all types of public places, particularly schools and shopping malls. If an officer informs the smoker they should quit, but the smoker does not quit, they will be charged accordingly. The Public Health Act carries a term of imprisonment of up to 1 month or a fine of up to 2,000 baht, or both.  

      Some tourists traveling to Thailand may be worried about eating foods that contain cannabis without knowing. Therefore, in order to protect both Thai consumers and tourists, who have the right to choose to consume food with or without marijuana ingredients, the Department of Health, Ministry of Public Health issued a notification on the use of marijuana leaves in preparing or cooking food in food establishments (No. 2) B.E. 2565. It requires restaurants to provide customer alert information. The message must show that it is a food establishment that uses cannabis, showing the dishes that use cannabis leaves, with the amount used. There are recommendations for the use of marijuana leaves in cooking; for example, for fried foods, use 1-2 fresh marijuana leaves per item. In stir-fried, curried, and boiled food, and when mixed in drinks, use 1 fresh marijuana leaf per item.

      It also provides recommendations for the safety of consuming foods or beverages containing cannabis leaves. Children under 20 years old, pregnant women, and lactating women should not eat or drink it. If someone feels an abnormal reaction, they should stop eating immediately. Those who are allergic or sensitive to THC or CBD should be careful when eating. Also, as it may cause drowsiness, driving vehicles and working on machinery should be avoided.  In addition, businesses are prohibited from displaying messages or advertisements for the prevention or treatment of diseases.


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