Tourist Safety Standards

Tourist Safety Standards

Tourist safety standards, showing that Thailand cares for you

      Tourism is very important to the society and economy of Thailand.  

      Therefore, safety in tourism is extremely important. Some countries use tourism safety policies as strengths to attract tourists.

      Management and supervision of safety are carried out by many agencies that have different roles, duties, and powers. Therefore, managing and taking care of tourists comprehensively requires coordination. Tourist safety management is therefore divided into three levels:

1. State level: Functional areas are state and national security; the operatives are the military and police;

2. Group level: This area of responsibility is to oversee the safety of the community and the safety of the environment; operators come from the cooperation of different sectors;

3. Individual level: The area of responsibility is to ensure the safety of individuals and the safety of workplaces, operators, local communities, and local governments.

The types of safety measures related to tourism are as follows: 

1. Water safety measures; 

2. Road safety measures;

3.Security measures to prevent deception and cheating;

4. Safety measures involving life and property;

5. Measures relating to assistance to tourists.

      If tourists have problems or need assistance from any agency, they are encouraged to contact the Tourist Assistance Center number 1672.

Source :Permanent Secretary of Ministry of Tourism and Sports
Tel : +66 2283 1500


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