How do foreign tourists have the right to claim VAT refunds?

How do foreign tourists have the right to claim VAT refunds?


     Thailand is outstanding in both tourist attractions and shopping areas. Of course, when foreign tourists come to Thailand, it’s time to return with full bags of products.

     Today, I will take you to check the conditions for requesting a refund of value added tax (VAT REFUND). Details are as follows. 

     The foreigners who have the right to request a tax refund determine the qualifications are

     1. Not being of Thai nationality

     2. Not be domiciled in Thailand

     3. Not be a pilot or cabin crew of an airline traveling outside of Thailand

     As for the criteria for tax refunds, the following are set:

     1. Tourists must take the goods out of the Kingdom of Thailand within 60 days, counting from the first day of purchase. 

     2. Purchases must be made from stores displaying the “VAT REFUND FOR TOURISTS” sign.

     3. Must buy products worth at least 2,000 baht (VAT included) from the same establishment on the same day.

     4. On the date of purchase, show your passport to the salesperson and ask for Por Por. 10 form from the store along with the original tax invoice. Each Por Por. 10 form must have a product value of 2,000 baht or more.

     5. On the departure date before Check-in, bring the goods and Form Por Por. 10 with a total purchase value of 5,000 baht to show to the customs officers to inspect the goods and seal them.

     6. Expensive items include jewelry, gold, watches, eyeglasses, pens, cell phones or smart phones, table computers, handbags (not including luggage), belts worth 10,000 baht each or more, or items that can be carried along with travel with a purchase value of 50,000 baht or more. These items must be brought along to the VAT refund office, which is located in the inner departure area, to show the revenue officers to inspect and certify the Por Por. 10 form once more.

     For the tax refund, it is divided into 2 cases as follows.

     1. Tax refunds not exceeding 30,000 baht can be canceled in cash (baht), drafts, credit card accounts.   

     2. Tax refunds exceeding 30,000 baht can be refunded as drafts, credit card accounts. 

Source: Tourism Authority of Thailand
Tel:(+66)2 250 5500


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