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Essential cookies These cookies are essential to the website to be operated by the Office in order to allow you to navigate through the website as well as to remember the information you have provided through the website. Disabling these cookies could prevent you from using the essential services of the Office which require cookies to be enabled.
Performance Cookies These cookies allow the Office to be aware of the user's interactions on the Office's website services, the popular pages or areas of the Website, as well as analyzing other aspects of information. The Office also uses this information to improve the functionality of the website and to better understand user behavior. Although the information collected by these cookies is non-personally identifiable and is only used for statistical analysis, disabling the cookies could prevent the Office from seeing the volume of visitors to the website and assessing the quality of service provided.
Functionality Cookies These cookies allow the Office website to remember the options that you have set and enable the website to deliver additional features and content to match your usage; for example, to help remember your user account name or changes to the font size settings or other page settings that you can customize. Disabling the cookies may result in the inability of the website to function properly.
Targeting Cookies These cookies are generated by a link to a third party website to collect information about your visits and the websites that you have visited to offer products or services on websites other than the website of the Office. However, disabling the cookies will not affect the use of the Office’s website, but it will result in the presentation of products or services on other websites inconsistent with your interests
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