THACCA SPLASH – Soft Power Forum 2024

For the first time in Thailand,
an international soft power forum will showcase
the power of culture, promoting Thailand on the global stage.
The National Soft Power Strategy Committee is organizing the Soft Power Forum for the first time in Thailand. This event will bring together cultures and inspirations from 11 industries to showcase creative thinking within the unique Thai cultural identity and social skills, elevating them to the global stage. The event, titled "THACCA SPLASH - Soft Power Forum 2024," will be held from June 28-30, 2024, at the Queen Sirikit National Convention Center, G Floor, Halls 1 and 2.
The organization and promotion of this international conference focus on three main objectives. The first objective is to raise awareness about soft power, understand its direction, and recognize its role on the global stage. The second objective is to support the development of soft power entrepreneurs and enhance competitive potential by fostering collaboration among relevant institutions, including the government, private sector, and educational institutions. The third objective is to promote cooperation between the government, private sector, and organizations responsible for development, as well as to encourage soft power initiatives between countries in the Southeast Asia region and international alliances to support global economic growth.
Unveiling the concept of THACCA SPLASH - Soft Power Forum 2024: Splashing Culture and Driving Thai Society. This initiative aims to be the medium that gathers all creative cultural elements from both domestic and international sources. The event will feature four remarkable zones spread over an area of 11,230 square meters:
1. SPLASH Visionary Zone consists of stages for showcasing potential, exchanging attitudes and experiences, presenting successful case studies from abroad, and sharing opinions to expand knowledge. There will be four stages: Vision Stage, Pathway Stage, Performance Stage, and Splash Pod.
2. THACCA Pavilion will present all the goals and motivations behind THACCA's efforts to transform Thailand through soft power. It will also showcase how THACCA aims to improve the lives of Thai people like never before.
3. 11 Industries Pavilion will showcase the soft power potential of Thailand and the creative cultural potential of the Thai people, encompassing the past, present, and future. This pavilion aims to bring global recognition to these industries, including festivals, tourism, food, design, art, film, music, books, games, fashion, and sports.
4. International Pavilion will feature the opportunities and successes of various countries resulting from their cultural creative policies, including South Korea, Japan and Italy.
One of the event highlights includes representatives from the festival industry, such as S2O organizers from South Korea, Taiwan, and Hong Kong, who will discuss the possibility of bringing the Thai Songkran festival to other countries. Another highlight is the Hackathon, a special activity for university students designed to encourage creative brainstorming and generate endless innovative ideas. Participants will tackle challenging propositions from various industries presented at the event.
For this event, we are preparing to welcome attendees from various sectors, including government agencies, private companies, entrepreneurs, and organizations involved in driving the aforementioned 11 industries. This presents an opportunity to foster networking between organizations. Moreover, the activities within the event aim to inspire students and the general public, serving as a source of inspiration and aspiration for the Thai people. They aim to promote and enhance the value of Thai identity in people's daily lives, fostering creativity and pride as we continue to grow on a global scale.




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