Joining Projects in Celebration of HM the King's 72nd Birthday

People, organizations, foundations, and the private sector have been urged to join various projects being implemented in celebration of the auspicious occasion of His Majesty the King's sixth-cycle (72nd) birthday anniversary this year.

Prime Minister Srettha Thavisin stated that the projects are also intended to improve the people’s living conditions and bring happiness to them. The participation of various groups of people would show their loyalty to His Majesty, who is beloved and recognized as the symbol of national unity.

The Prime Minister on 9 May 2024 chaired a meeting of the National Commission on the “Celebrations on the Auspicious Occasion of His Majesty the King's 6th Cycle Birthday Anniversary 28th July 2024." The meeting approved 10 large projects and assigned various agencies to carry them out, as follows:

1. Developing Bueng Nong Bon in Bangkok as a public park and 72 pocket parks, also in Bangkok, into natural tourism sites and recreational centers;

2. Planting 72 million trees nationwide to rehabilitate watershed and forest areas and encouraging people and organizations to join reforestation efforts and protect forests;

3. Expanding the existing large artesian water development to 72 projects to ease drought and supply sufficient water for the people to use throughout the year;

4. Developing, clearing, and improving the landscapes of 10 rivers and canals as a pilot project for the better quality of life of the people in Bangkok and other provinces;

5. Developing 72 waterways on a sustainable basis to ease water shortages for consumption, to store water, and to manage water resources more effectively;

6. Upgrading 36 Crown Prince hospitals, 21 community hospitals, four Chaipat hospitals, and 36 primary health care units nationwide. The upgrading of these 72 health establishments will enable people to have greater access to health services of better quality;

7. Providing plots of land for people to make a living from and repairing housing units for persons with disabilities for the improvement of their quality of life and self-reliance;

8. Donating 10 million cc of blood to the Thai Red Cross Society to save the lives of people and to have blood reserves for patients at various hospitals nationwide;

9. Providing 72,000 sets of prosthesis and orthosis for persons with disabilities who have low income, to enable them to lead their daily lives normally and join various activities;

10. Improving the quality of tap water at all schools nationwide in order to promote hygienic conditions for schoolchildren.


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