All Relevant Agencies Instructed to Urgently Tackle Drug Problem

Prime Minister Srettha Thavisin has instructed all relevant agencies to urgently tackle the drug problem with concrete outcomes, which will be measured by 1 September 2024.

The Prime Minister said that, although the drug situation was likely to improve, the spread of illicit drugs was still prevalent in all provinces and great efforts were needed to bring it under control.

He emphasized that the fight against drugs was included as part of the national agenda and that the Government’s anti-drug policy included measures on prevention, suppression, and rehabilitation. Young people must be protected from drug abuse.

The Prime Minister cited Nan in the North and Roi Et in the Northeast as model provinces in dealing with the drug issue by setting a target to free themselves from illicit drugs.

He told all provincial governors to work closely with the public and private sectors, as well as civil society, in taking serious action against drugs. Awards should be given to officials who achieve success in fighting the drug problem, while officials who are involved in the drug trade must be severely punished.

The Prime Minister also asked the Internal Security Operations Command to fully support drug prevention and suppression. The Ministry of Public Health, the Ministry of Interior, and the Ministry of Defense were instructed to work jointly in providing sufficient rehabilitation centers for drug users.

The Ministry of Social Development and Human Security and the Ministry of Labor were told to encourage communities to give a helping hand. Those who have already passed through the rehabilitation process should be provided with occupational training, so that they can seek employment and reintegrate into society.

The Government has a firm intention to overcome the drug problem, and all sectors of society have been urged to take part in anti-drug campaigns.


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