Travel calendar – Pilates Day Thailand 2023 (6-7 May 2023)

     The field of exercise and healthcare is dedicated to improving muscle strength and flexibility, which helps to restore and build the body. Mark your calendars for Pilates Day Thailand 2023 on 6 and 7 May on the Shangri-La Hotel's third floor.

     This activity is perfect if you enjoy exercising and caring for your health. You will have the opportunity to learn from Suzanne Martin, the author of Spinal Asymmetry and Scoliosis, in three workshops, and receive a certificate. Additionally, you will want to take advantage of 10 charity classes, four showcases, and two talks from top Pilates teachers and entrepreneurs in Thailand.

     In the workshop on 6 May, you will gain knowledge about scoliosis and learn to exercise, focusing on balancing the body. After completing this course, you will better understand the physical features of scoliosis and apply Pilates therapy to balance the pelvis, concerning the spine and lower legs.

     Learn about breast cancer and physical rehabilitation on 7 May. Discover facts about breast cancer and how lifestyle changes can reduce the risk. Find out about the positive impact of exercise on surviving breast cancer. 

     After expenses are deducted, the event's income will be used to provide devices and scholarships for Ban Huai Pong School, Tak Province. Visit to apply and see all the details. 



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