Travel calendar –“Ilmu Teluh” art exhibition (Till 6 May 2023) (May)

     An intriguing group exhibition titled "Mutelu: Ilmu Teluh" will take place from 11 February to 6 May 2023, on the first floor of the SAC Gallery building on Sukhumvit soi 39. This event showcases art in four different fields: Jewelry Design, Architecture, Graphic Design, and Ceramic Art. It is designed for those interested in exploring the concepts behind the art works and determining their authenticity.

     The "Mutelu: Ilmu Teluh" exhibition showcases the manifestation of beliefs in the modern world through the perspectives and creative processes of four Applied Art artists from diverse scientific fields. The exhibition features sacred items, Yantra tattoos, and the science of belief, which are meant to be objects of worship and to blend seamlessly into everyday life. Using Applied Art, these items can alter the appearance, symbol system, and rituals, while creating new interpretations of sacred things.

     Discover the captivating power of talismans, intricately woven with symbolic patterns and arrangements. Engage in lively discussions about the profound beauty and significance of modern-day beliefs. Don't let this event slip away if you admire this art form. Join us now!



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