"Trips On Thai Highways" Application: Route Calculation - Tourist Coordinates - Real-Time Traffic Check

     Whether you're a tourist, a traveler, or a business person who often has to navigate Thailand's highways, you should not miss the "Trips On Thai Highways" application. This new application from the Department of Highways aims to facilitate travel by calculating routes and suggesting tourist coordinates along the way.

     Moreover, it allows for real-time traffic checks, especially during festive periods when all roads lead out of the provinces. "Trips On Thai Highways" serves as a travel guide, providing the location and detailed service information of the Department of Highways, such as office locations, tent fields, check-in points, roadside accommodations, tourist spots, along with contact numbers for various service points and emergency numbers to request assistance when necessary.

     "Trips On Thai Highways" can be downloaded on both IOS and Android systems from the App Store and Google Play Store respectively.

     In addition, there are other applications that the public can use to track real-time traffic conditions from aerial views and CCTV cameras:

     "Thailand Highway Traffic": Select the "Alerts" topic, then the "News" tab, and choose "Show Content" to click on the link to view aerial images of main highways, live streams, video clips, and monitor traffic conditions through highway CCTV cameras from the "Traffic Cameras" menu in the application.

     "M Traffic": A real-time traffic monitoring application that checks traffic volume and anomalies on motorways. It uses colored lines to indicate traffic conditions, accident locations, and anomalies on routes, toll booth locations and fees, rest area positions, and Service Area Updates.

     "DOH to Travel": An application that links information from the Department of Highways' reporting and monitoring systems, suggesting routes along with distance calculations, allows the checking of important places within a radius of no more than 5 kilometers, and notifies of events encountered on the highways.


Source: Department of Highways

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