Thailand Raising the Water Transport Standards, Creating Safety Standards and Marine Environment

Thailand Raising the Water Transport Standards, Creating Safety Standards and Marine Environment

     Thailand has been a member of the International Maritime Organization (IMO) since 1973. It has continuously improved maritime standards for maritime safety and environmental protection and developed an integrated process between relevant maritime agencies.Thailand has become a member of the International Maritime Organization (IMO).

    It has raised the standard of water transport, created safety standards and in the marine environment with the use of modern technology to help increase operational efficiency, including:

The use of modern technology to increase operational efficiency

1. Aids to Navigation (AtoN) technology enables ​​fast and efficient maintenance of navigation markings;

2. Adopting the Thai Integrated Shipping Information System (THISIS) to collect and analyze information and supervise the implementation of indicators (KPIs) makes Thailand more efficient in fulfilling its international obligations;

3. Implementing the MSI Platform to provide marine safety information by integrating information among various agencies of Thailand, such as the Port Authority, the Department of Hydrology, the Department of Meteorology, Bangkok Radio Station, and the Maritime National Interest Center. Therefore, it makes the information complete and timely, which aligns with the IMO standards; 

4. Establishment of a water safety and traffic control operation center, which operates 24 hours a day to enhance maritime safety, prevent water pollution, and provide timely emergency assistance.

    All of these efforts raise the standards of water transport and effectively create safety standards and a better marine environment. Based on the assessment from the IMO Committee on 20-27 February 2023, Thailand has also been praised for its unique operating system in terms of the use of technology to increase work efficiency. This emphasizes that Thailand has continuously developed water transport standards for safety and the marine environment.

    The International Maritime Organization is the United Nations agency that plays a vital role in developing and harmonizing standards for the safety and security of international maritime shipping and marine pollution prevention. Thailand has been an IMO member since 1973.


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