"CLEAR Sky Strategy" to Address Cross-border Smoke and Haze Problem in Three Countries

     The pollution crisis caused by smoke and fine particulate matter PM 2.5 has spread across the country, especially in the provinces of the northern region. The problem is not only affecting the country internally but also extends to neighboring countries facing the same issue, prompting the government and related agencies to urgently seek solutions.

     Thailand held a tripartite leaders' meeting with Laos and Myanmar to discuss ways to manage cross-border smoke and haze pollution, monitor the situation in the region, and exchange information and experiences in managing cross-border haze pollution, including urgent and sustainable solutions.

Thailand has proposed the "CLEAR Sky Strategy" to solve the problem of cross-border smoke and haze pollution, which consists of:

  1. C (Continued Commitment) - Aiming to achieve the target of reducing hotspots as per the Chiang Rai Action Plan 2017, which was jointly certified by the five countries in the Mekong River Basin in 2017.
  2. L (Leveraging Mechanisms) - Utilizing relevant mechanisms at all levels, Thailand proposes to promote cooperation on cross-border smoke and haze pollution through related border committees, including discussing the issue at the 42nd ASEAN Summit in May 2023 in Indonesia.
  3. E (Experience Sharing) - Sharing information, experiences, and legal measures of each country to control the causes of cross-border smoke and haze pollution.
  4. A (Air Quality Network) - Promoting cooperation between the air quality index networks of the countries in the region to enhance the efficiency of forecasting and timely public alerts.
  5. R (Effective Response) - Senior officials from all three countries responsible for managing cross-border smoke and haze pollution, consult together to follow up on the meeting results.

     The issue of cross-border smoke and haze pollution is urgent, affecting the health and well-being of the broader public and requires rapid resolution through cooperation between the relevant countries.

     The three countries have agreed to jointly drive the "CLEAR Sky Strategy", planning to develop a joint action plan to solve the problem of cross-border smoke and haze pollution. Thailand is ready to support academic knowledge in using satellite technology to monitor and measure hotspots, land use benefits, and share experiences in agricultural management in highland areas with Laos and Myanmar.


Data updated on April 7, 2023

Source: Ministry of Foreign Affairs

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