Thailand leads in enhancing the protection against Intellectual Property infringements in ASEAN

     Thailand places a high emphasis on protecting intellectual property rights and driving the country's economy through intellectual property and innovation. For these efforts to succeed, Thailand and its main trading partners must have a standard system to guard against intellectual property violations, capable of appropriately protecting the intellectual property of Thai entrepreneurs.

     Therefore, Thailand's Department of Intellectual Property has taken a proactive approach by nominating itself for the position of Chair of the ASEAN Network of Intellectual Property Enforcement Experts (ANIEE). This aims to encourage ASEAN member countries, which are major export markets for Thailand, to place importance on and protect against intellectual property infringements, both offline and online, to adequately protect Thai products in line with the current standards and technologies.

     In the past, Thailand has been one of the leaders in protecting intellectual property rights in ASEAN. Therefore, Thailand's appointment as the ANIEE Chair presents an opportunity to further promote this issue on an international scale. This includes sharing experiences, knowledge, and successful strategies that have been recognized in Thailand for adoption in the ASEAN region. Besides promoting recognition and leadership for Thailand in the field of intellectual property, this will also build confidence among entrepreneurs, investors, and the general public in the ASEAN region.

     During the 2-year term, mechanisms to protect against online intellectual property infringements in ASEAN have been established. This includes cooperation agreements with ASEAN e-commerce platforms, development of online intellectual property protection handbooks, and capacity building for law enforcement agencies. This aims to reinforce a positive image of the situation concerning intellectual property in ASEAN overall. It also assures that Thai products exported to ASEAN countries will receive good protection and have sustainable competitive potential without intellectual property rights being infringed upon.


Data updated on May 9, 2023
Source: The Department of Intellectual Property, Ministry of Commerce, 563 Nonthaburi Road, Bang Krasor Subdistrict, Muang District, Nonthaburi, 11000, Hotline 1368


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