"Thai SELECT" elevates standards and quality of Thai restaurants

     Thai food is a reflection of Thai culture, and its unique flavors have made many Thai dishes favorites and top-ranked in global cuisine rankings.

     Therefore, the certification of Thai restaurants by the Thai SELECT symbol from the Department of Business Development, Ministry of Commerce, is an affirmation of the quality of Thai restaurants. It aims to build confidence and recognition among both Thai and foreign tourists who come to use their services. This includes the authentic taste of Thai food, the Thai-style atmosphere of the restaurant, hygiene, as well as excellent service. It also opens up marketing opportunities for Thai restaurants.

     Currently, there are a total of 437 restaurants nationwide that have received the Thai SELECT symbol from the Department of Business Development. They are divided into categories as follows:

  • Thai SELECT SIGNATURE: Offers outstanding quality, authentic Thai food, distinctive in the image and character of Thai cuisine.
  • Thai SELECT CLASSIC: Offers good quality Thai food with standard flavors.
  • Thai SELECT UNIQUE: Restaurants offering menus characteristic of local areas.

     The qualifications for Thai restaurants eligible to apply for the Thai SELECT symbol are as follows:

  1. Have been in operation for no less than six months.
  2. Not a single-dish restaurant, rice curry shop, made-to-order restaurant, rice soup shop, café focusing on desserts and beverages.
  3. Have a seating capacity inside the restaurant of no less than 40 seats and have service staff.
  4. Have no less than 80% of all Thai food items on the menu (excluding desserts and beverages).
  5. The restaurant atmosphere, kitchen, bathroom, and environment must be clean and beautiful.

     The Department of Business Development has opened the opportunity for restaurants nationwide to apply to participate in the event. The restaurants that pass the criteria will receive the Thai SELECT symbol certificate and enjoy various benefits in terms of promotional marketing. This includes creating awareness through influential people on social media (Influencers) who will help review, as well as a promotional page about food that can reach consumers well.

     Promotion through LINE OA @thaiselect to make the Thai SELECT symbol better known among foodies, will help elevate Thai restaurants nationwide to standard and preserve the original value and characteristics of Thai food.

Source: The Department of Business Development
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