Criteria and conditions for issuing export certificates for rice to the European Union and the United Kingdom

  1. The scope of control includes white rice, jasmine rice, and 100% steamed rice, according to tariff code 1006.30, and broken rice code 1006.40.
  2. Rules and criteria for exporting can be divided into the following details:
    1. Exporters who are allotted a rice quota for export certification to the EU and UK must apply for an Export Certificate (EC) five working days in advance to the last day the EU and UK set to apply for an Import License (IL). For broken rice, exporters can apply first (first come, first served) until the set quota for broken rice in each period is reached.
    2. Applicants for certification must pay a special fee according to the rate set in the Ministry of Commerce announcement concerning special fees for rice exports to the 2021 EU and UK. Payments can be made by bank cheque or certified bank cheque payable to the Department of Foreign Trade (Rice) and sent to the Treasury of the Department of Foreign Trade, using application forms “Yor Ror 3” and “Sor Ror 3.” Receipts should be shown when applying for the export certificate at the Foreign Trade Service Office, Department of Foreign Trade.
    3. Rice exporters receiving the Export Certificate (EC) must send the original and duplicate copies of the certificate to buyers in the EU and UK to apply for import permits within the first 7 working days of each monthly period set by the EU and UK.
  3. Accompanying documents for consideration that are photocopies must be signed and stamped (if any) by the authorized person.
  4. Applicants must hold the Exporter - Importer Card and Authorized Person Card issued by the Department of Foreign Trade of the Ministry of Commerce.
  5. Businesses must apply for export certification for rice to the EU electronically via the Department of Foreign Trade here.
  6. The procedure according to the manual starts when the applicant or business contacts the officer at the service counter and has passed various procedures as specified. If the application or supporting documents are incomplete or defective, the officer will make a note of the deficiencies or additional documents required. The applicant must then make the necessary corrections and/or submit the additional documents within the time frame specified in the noted record, or else the application will be considered abandoned by the applicant. The applicant or authorized person must sign the noted record and a copy will be provided as evidence.
  7. The service duration depends on the number of applications, with an average of 20 minutes per application.

Data updated on May 17, 2023.
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