Documentation for fertilizer import permission in the Kingdom

     In Thailand, the use of chemical fertilizers for soil enrichment continues unabated. In 2021, fertilizer importation recorded a total of 5,520,883 tons, a 7.39% increase from 2020, which had a total importation of 5,141,068 tons. This makes the fertilizer industry worth hundreds of billions of Baht per annum.

     The registration process for fertilizers, managed by the Department of Agricultural Extension, Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives, takes about 8-12 months. There are five types of fertilizers: organic fertilizer, chemical fertilizer, chemical fertilizer with additional trace elements, organic-chemical fertilizer, and biofertilizer. However, according to data from the Department of Agricultural Extension in 2022, over the past decade, the overall volume of chemical fertilizer imports has been declining. Those who wish to import fertilizers into Thailand must prepare the following supporting documents for obtaining permission:

  1. Identification Card (1 original copy)
  2. Fertilizer Export Notification form according to the 1975 Fertilizer Act, as amended by the 2007 Fertilizer Act (No.2), (Form Nor Khor1) (1 original copy)
  3. Inbound Goods Manifest along with Value Added Tax and Excise Tax item list (1 original copy)
  4. Fertilizer Import Permit (Nor Por 2) (1 original copy) 
  5. Fertilizer Notification Certificate or Fertilizer Registration Certificate (1 original copy)
  6. Sample of registered label document (1 original copy)
  7. Power of Attorney letter in case of representation (1 original copy), specifying the scope of authority, with a 10 Baht stamp for a single use or 30 Baht for 1 year, every copied document should be certified as true, and a copy of the grantor's identification card
  8. Commercial Invoice or Price List (1 original copy)
  9. Packing List (1 original copy)
  10. Certificate of Origin (1 original copy)
  11. Certificate of Analysis (1 original copy)
  12. Bill of Lading (1 original copy)

Data updated on May 17, 2023.
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