Documents needed and procedures for importing fertilizer samples into the Kingdom

     Procedures for Importing Fertilizer Samples into the Kingdom

     Those who wish to import fertilizer samples into the kingdom must prepare the following documentation to facilitate the process:

  1. A notification form for importing fertilizers according to the 1975 Fertilizer Act, as amended by the 2007 Fertilizer Act (Form Nor Kor 1) (1 original copy).
  2. A Goods Import Form accompanied by the Tax and Value Added Tax (VAT) Item List Form (1 original copy). In the case of international postal delivery with an FOB price exceeding 45,000 Baht, a Goods Import Form must be prepared.
  3. Power of Attorney letter (1 original copy). The document must specify the scope of duties of the attorney and be affixed with a 10-Baht stamp for single use or a 30-Baht stamp for one-year use. All copies must be certified as correct, along with a copy of the identity card of the principal.
  4. A Product List and Price Form for sale (Commercial Invoice) or Price Account (1 original copy).
  5. A Product Packing Slip (Packing List) (1 original copy).
  6. A shipping document (Bill of Lading) or by air (Air Way Bill) or by car, or a postal receipt (1 original copy).

     The procedure for importing fertilizer samples into the kingdom takes a total of 4 hours, divided into:

     Document Completeness Check (5 minutes)

  1. The applicant submits a notification form for importing fertilizers, along with the correct and complete supporting documents.
  2. The official checks the application documents and supporting documents, records the data, and accepts the notification of fertilizer import.

     Product/Other Standards Check (3 hours)

    • The applicant coordinates with the relevant units and prepares the products for inspection.

     Processing (30 minutes)

    • The official checks and considers the correctness of the products.

     Signature / Committee Resolution (1 minute)

    • The official stamps and signs, allowing the product to be removed from the plant inspection checkpoint.


Data updated on May 17, 2023.
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