Bangkok Airways Launches Bangkok-Lampang-Mae Hong Son Route, Boosting Tourism Opportunities

     To create opportunities in tourism and distribute income to Northern provinces, Bangkok Airways has opened a new route connecting Suvarnabhumi Airport in Bangkok with Lampang and Mae Hong Son provinces. This serves to link these northern provinces with the capital. The inaugural flight will take off on August 2, 2023, with a flight duration of 2 hours and 55 minutes.

For both Thai and foreign tourists interested in this route, here are the preliminary flight schedules:

  • Flight PG205 will operate from Suvarnabhumi to Mae Hong Son via Lampang. The service is scheduled for every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Departing from Suvarnabhumi at 12:05 PM, it will reach Lampang at 13:40 PM, and depart from Lampang at 14:10 PM, arriving at Mae Hong Son at 15:00 PM.
  • Furthermore, Flight PG206 will operate from Mae Hong Son to Suvarnabhumi via Lampang. The service is scheduled for every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Departing from Mae Hong Son at 15:30 PM, it will reach Lampang at 16:20 PM, and depart from Lampang at 17:00 PM, arriving at Suvarnabhumi at 18:35 PM.
  • Bangkok Airways will deploy a reliable, modern twin-turbo prop aircraft with a capacity of 70 passengers to service this route.

     Meanwhile, the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) has organized promotional activities to encourage air travel to Mae Hong Son, such as discounts or promotional sales from local tourism operators, and giving away souvenir stamps to customers, to stimulate tourism.

     According to data from TAT, the majority of travelers to Mae Hong Son use private cars (79.62%), followed by passenger vehicles (8.44%), airplanes (5.49%), rental cars (3.97%), and motorcycles (1.98%). The launch of this new air route offers an additional travel option for tourists.


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