Arming knowledge and marketing for entrepreneurs: "Excellent Host New Chapters Phase 2" Project

    The Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) promoted tourism by providing knowledge to entrepreneurs and local communities on how to be excellent hosts to foreigners, offering impressive experiences to tourists from all over the world. By becoming good entrepreneurs equipped with knowledge and marketing strategies, they trained businesses and excellent hosts, further leading to the development of online courses available at www.เจ้าบ้านที่ดี.com -- which translates into “excellent host” --, where entrepreneurs could learn anytime and anywhere, to welcome tourists in the Next Normal era.

     In 2022, TAT organized a training course called "Excellent Host" for entrepreneurs in the tourism industry and local communities, attracting over 2,500 interested participants.

Therefore, to expand the benefits and build on this success, TAT launched the "Excellent Host New Chapters Phase 2" project for interested entrepreneurs looking to enhance their Upskill Reskill potential through an E-Learning system under the Happy Model concept. Those interested could join this excellent host marketing promotion project for free at and participate in simple activities in 4 steps:

  1. Participate in the E-learning course "Excellent Host"
  2. Pass the "Excellent Host" test with no less than 80%
  3. Present special deals to tourists to use their products and services, and…
  4. Submit all information as required by the project within the specified timeframe.


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