Criteria for global sustainable tourism: Sustainable environment with low-impact transport

     The Global Sustainable Tourism Council (GSTC) criteria serve as one of numerous worldwide efforts to develop a better world, in accordance with the goals of the United Nations to relieve poverty, promote gender equality, and create a sustainable environment. In the areas of travel and tourism, sustainability is involved, including the overwhelming issue of climate change. The criteria for a sustainable environment, in terms of low-impact transport are the following:

  1. The destination aims to reduce pollution from travel to and within the destinations;
  2. An increase in the use of sustainable, low-emissions vehicles and public transport and active travel (e.g., walking and cycling) is sought in order to reduce air pollution, traffic jams, and climate change

Indicators to measure the successful adoption of low-impact transport are as follows:

  1. Investment in sustainable transport infrastructure, including public transport and low-emissions vehicles;
  2. Information promoted to visitors on alternative transport options to and  within the destination;
  3. Data on visitors’ use of alternative transport modes;
  4. Improvement and promotion of cycling and walking opportunities;
  5. Prioritization of visitor markets accessible by short trips and more sustainable transport options;
  6. Public sector organizations and tourism enterprises prioritize low-impact transportation in their own operations.

Source: Global Sustainable Tourism Council
Data updated on: 28 Febuary 2023


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