Statistics on tourists traveling to Thailand in 2022

       After the COVID-19 outbreak began to improve, the Thai government started to open up the country for tourists, in the hope of creating a bustling tourism atmosphere again, resulting in the number of tourists entering the country in 2022 to increase significantly.

       The Thailand Tourism Outlook data showed details on the number of foreign tourists arriving in Thailand, and it was found that the number of tourists arriving in Thailand in the first 10 months of 2022 (January-October) reached 7,163,465; compared with the previous year, the percentage of the increase was a stunning 6,65,0.53%, a total increase of 7,057,348 from 2021.


The Top Five Countries Traveling to Thailand

1. Malaysia          1,291,381 people

2. India                  698,757 people

3. Singapore          381,940 people

4. Laos                   345,709 people

5. Vietnam             340,670 people

The Top Three Percentages of Tourists, by Continent

1. Asia                  41.74%

2. Europe             20.90%

3. East Asia          11.63%

       According to the above information, it is obvious that Asian countries have the highest number of foreign tourists traveling to Thailand, with the most visitors from Malaysia. 

Data updated on May 20, 2018
Source :Tourism Authority of Thailand
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