The process for considering applications for assistance from Justice Fund

     In the past, accessing the process of justice for the public was difficult because of the lack of knowledge and understanding of legal provisions and the right to freedom that should be enjoyed by everyone. The result was that many people were taken advantage of and violated by those in higher positions. Furthermore, poverty was also an obstacle to accessing the process of justice, since the cost of legal proceedings was high.

    Therefore, to reduce the gap and minimize the inequality that occurs in Thai society, the Ministry of Justice established the "Justice Fund."

The primary missions of the Justice Fund are to assist the people in the following ways:

  1. Assisting the people in legal proceedings;
  2. Requesting temporary release of alleged offenders or defendants;
  3. Assisting those whose human rights have been violated, or those who have been affected by human rights violations;
  4. Providing legal knowledge to the public.

     The regulations for consideration are in accordance with the Justice Fund Act of 2015, based on the type of request and the behavior and facts of those who request receive assistance from the fund. The status of those who look to receive assistance from the fund, as well as the opportunity for them to receive help or receive relief under other laws, is also considered.

The process for considering a request for assistance from the Justice Fund is as follows:

  1. The Office verifies the completeness of the documents and conducts preliminary checks on the request (counting from the time the correct and complete documents are received), which takes 1 day;
  2. Seek additional information, evidence, or documents, which takes up to 7 days;
  3. Propose urgent consideration or propose to the subcommittee for assistance and the provincial assistance subcommittee for consideration, which takes 10 days;
  4. Notification of the result of the consideration, which takes 3 days.

Channels for Providing Assistance

     Currently, the Office of Justice Fund uses an information system to support assistance through three channels, which are the following:

  1. Telephone: 0 2502 6318;
  2. Office of Justice Fund website ( or via the Justice Fund application;
  3. Contact for assistance personally at:
        - Bangkok: Contact the Office of Justice Fund;
        - Other provinces: Contact Province Justice Office in all 78 provinces, including the Province Justice Office in 76 provinces and two branches, including Tak Provincial Justice Office, Mae Sot branch and Surin Provincial Justice Office, Rattanaburi branch;
        - Joint Ministry of Justice Service Center, Office of the Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Justice.

Data updated on 4th April, 2023
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