Inspection of vehicles entering Thailand via a land route

Inspection of vehicles entering Thailand via a land route 

      When foreign tourists or individuals residing in the border areas travel to Thailand and intend to bring their vehicles into the country for driving purposes, it is permissible to do so, provided that the process is carried out in accordance with the laws through a simple process.

The following steps must be taken:

  1. Obtain the necessary documentation, which consists of a Tor Mor 6 Form and other documents related to vehicle entry notification;
  2. Complete the Form Tor Mor 6 (for foreign passport holders), the vehicle-related form (Tor Mor 2), a passenger list (Tor Mor 3), and a crew list (Tor Mor 4). The car registration book, international driving license, and power of attorney (if applicable) must also be presented;
  3. Individuals traveling by car or truck must submit the necessary documents to the officials for inspection;
  4. The official verifies the accuracy and completeness of the passport or any document used in place of a passport.
    The official will check the Tor Mor 6 form (arrival) by verifying that the name, surname, gender, date of birth, and passport number are correct and match the passport.  Verify the accommodation in the country. Check the international driving permit to ensure that it matches the registered information provided upon entry. Verify the accuracy of the vehicle’s details notification;
  5. Check the list of prohibited individuals in the computer system and record the data;
  6. Stamp the entry permit according to the type of inspection and affix the seal in the passport or document used in place of a passport, and on both the Entry and Exit Form (Tor Mor 6), by signing and stamping the seal. For the exit, separate the Tor Mor 6 form and attach it to the passport (foreign passport), or stamp the entry in the Thai passport and keep the Tor Mor 6 form.

Stamp the entry permit on the vehicle document notification (Tor Mor 2), keep a copy of Tor Mor 2, Tor Mor 3, and Tor Mor 4, and for cases of foreign vehicles, keep the documents.

7. Please return travel documents or documents used in lieu of travel documents and vehicle registration information.


  • In the event that an officer discovers that an individual is prohibited from entering the country under the Immigration Act, BE 2522, Section 22, the officer will notify the foreign nationals of Tor Mor 35 and remove them from Thailand;
  • In the case of a person who is on a watch list or is on the list of prohibited persons, the officer will carry out the following:
    - If there is a warrant or arrest warrant, contact the relevant agency to take appropriate action;
    - If the case is closed, notify the foreign nationals of Tor Mor 35 and remove them from Thailand.
  • Check the vehicle registration, the owner's name, and vehicle owner information from the Polis system in order to prevent vehicle theft.

Source: Immigration Checkpoint of Phang Nga Province, 37 Moo 3, Tambon Tham Nam Phud, Mueang District, Phang Nga Province.

Tel. +66 7546 0512. 
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