Inspection of passengers entering Thailand via water transportation

Inspection of passengers entering Thailand via water transportation 

     The inspection of passengers entering Thailand by water transport is considered a measure to control those who intend to enter the country, so that the individuals can be prevented from illegally entering the city. Those, who wish to enter, must have the following documents showing to immigration officers:

  1. Vehicle registration (Tor Mor 2/1);
  2. Passenger list (Tor Mor 3/1);
  3. Passport or substitute documents;
  4. Arrival-Departure card (Tor Mor 6).

The steps and procedures:

     1. The owner or controller of any vehicle must notify the checkpoint officer at the border checkpoint, station, or subdistrict in Thailand of the date and time that the vehicle will arrive at the specified location within the timeframe declared on the Tor Mor 2/1 form.

     If it is not possible to follow the above procedure, the owner or controller of the vehicle should report to the nearest checkpoint officer along the route taken by the vehicle after its arrival in Thailand, so that the officer can inspect the vehicle in a timely manner in accordance with the declared date and time.

     2. The officer will inspect the passenger manifest presented by the owner or controller of the vehicle and will fill in the information in accordance with the list of the manifest to ensure its accuracy;
     3. The officer will check the passenger manifest (Tor Mor 3/1) presented by the vehicle controller, will verify whether it corresponds to the travel document or its substitute, and will also check the blacklist;
     4. Once the officer has confirmed the authenticity of the documents, he or she will stamp the entry into the travel document or its substitute and issue an entry card (Tor Mor 6);
     5. In the event that a foreign passenger is identified as a prohibited person, or if there are reasonable grounds to suspect that he or she should be prohibited from entering the Kingdom of Thailand, the authorities have the power to instruct the owner or controller of the vehicle to manage and control the foreign person in the vehicle or at any location for inspection. If the person is deemed to be prohibited from entering Thai territory, the owner or controller of the vehicle must remove the foreign person from the Kingdom of Thailand and must be fined as outlined in Forms Tor Mor 34 and Tor Mor 35. 


Source:  The Immigration check-point, located at 37 Moo 3, Tham Nam Phud Sub-district, Muang District of Phang Nga, Phang Nga, 

Tel. +66 7546 0512. 
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