"TERRY TIME TO SHINE SERUM IN CREAM": A Cosmetic Product Derived from Torch Ginger, Infused with Thai Local Wisdom

     Torch Ginger is a native flower of Southern Thailand, particularly cultivated in Yala and Narathiwat provinces. Its tender shoot and flower are commonly used as a vegetable, much like ordinary greens. Today, it can be found throughout the country, in nature, home gardens, and commercial farms.

     Moreover, Torch Ginger has medicinal properties, including promoting gas expulsion, alleviating bloating and flatulence due to its pungent and spicy taste. It is also used to treat wind diseases and skin diseases. The flower bouquet has antioxidant properties and protects the liver from toxins.

     Consequently, the Ministry of Higher Education, Science, Research and Innovation, in conjunction with the Thailand Institute of Scientific and Technological Research (TISTR), conducted research and development, integrating Thai local wisdom with technology to extract essential substances. This led to the successful development of a cosmetic product derived from Torch Ginger extract. The exclusive production technology was transferred to Terry Perfect Ltd., and the product has been launched under the name "TERRY TIME TO SHINE SERUM IN CREAM".

     This cosmetic product made from Torch Ginger is effective in reducing wrinkles, alleviating redness and irritation on the skin, and fading acne scars. It inhibits P.acnes, S. epidemidis, and S.aureus, the main bacteria causing acne, hinders tyrosinase, and suppresses melanin synthesis, leading to brighter skin. It stimulates collagen production under the skin, possesses antioxidant properties, reduces inflammation triggered by free radicals, and moisturizes the skin for a smoother and tighter pore appearance.

     This product is a natural and herbal remedy, which has been researched and developed by national research institutions. It stands as a distinctive feature and selling point in the natural cosmetics business, offering efficacy and safety according to international standards.

     Moreover, this cosmetic product made from Torch Ginger has won awards from invention, research, and innovation competitions at the European Exhibition of Creativity and Innovation: EUROINVENT 2023. This exhibition showcased more than 600 innovative inventions from 40 countries. Among cosmetic manufacturers, it received 7 awards for 2 research works on extracting Thai herbs for cosmetic purposes, uplifting the quality of herbal cosmetic research to an international level.

Source: Expert Centre of Innovative Herbal Products, Thailand Institute of Scientific and Technological Research

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