Plan your journey effortlessly with the "SAWASDEE by AOT" App

Plan your journey effortlessly with the "SAWASDEE by AOT" App

     "SAWASDEE by AOT" is an application that every traveler should have on their mobile phone, as it has been developed to provide convenience for tourists, travelers, and the general public.

     A standout feature of the "SAWASDEE by AOT" application is its user-friendly interface that provides easy access to information to simplify travel planning. It allows you to check flight statuses and estimated wait times at various service points. To cater to global travelers, the application supports multiple languages including English, Chinese, Korean, Russian, Spanish, and Hindi, to name a few.

     "SAWASDEE by AOT" also offers various features including information on flights, traveler assistance, retail stores, travel and parking, food and beverages, maps for navigation within Thai airports, taxi booking, airport services, insurance, the SMART CARGO AR Campaign, and a Toilet Finder.

     An example of its features is "Check Flight", which provides detailed flight information for airlines, flight paths from origin to destination, flight numbers, travel details, travel dates, departure times, passenger terminal, check-in rows, and boarding gates for both departure and return flights. It also includes an "ADD FLIGHT" function, which sends alerts as the travel date approaches, ensuring that every planned journey is not missed.

     Moreover, it encompasses features related to Thai tourism, including restaurant recommendations, tourist sites, and hotel accommodations. In addition to these features, the application also offers exclusive privileges for users to accumulate points from using various services, which can be redeemed for numerous special benefits.

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