Urban bypass development plan to alleviate traffic congestion in city Areas across all regions

     The increasing population in Thailand has led to a surge in residential areas and expanding urban and community regions. Not limited to the capital, Bangkok, communities have spread across all regions, leading to economic, investment, trade, and transport growth in these areas. This growth demands the country's road network, spanning more than 53,000 kilometers, to accommodate an escalating volume of traffic. Some routes are incapable of expanding their lanes, leading to traffic congestion in city areas.

     Therefore, the development of an urban bypass network in community areas and main city regions of the country has been initiated to alleviate traffic congestion, improving convenience and mobility.

     Criteria for the selection of suitable and potential project areas for urban bypass development, preliminary studies on the economic, engineering, and environmental aspects, and the formulation of an urban bypass development plan to solve short, medium, and long-term traffic issues have been put in place.

The scope of the Urban Bypass Development Plan study includes:

    1. A review of related studies and development plans
    2. Consideration of criteria and project selection
    3. Economic and social studies
    4. Traffic and transport studies
    5. Engineering studies
    6. Preliminary environmental studies
    7. Public participation
    8. Economic project analysis
    9. Formulation of urban bypass network development plan

     The Department of Highways mandates thorough public relations for the project and comprehensive public participation. It involves all stakeholders in selected project areas to ensure that government agencies and local communities are informed and can provide feedback on the project.

     The Urban Bypass Development Plan study to solve city-area traffic congestion in regions is expected to conclude in March 2024. Interested members of the public can follow updates or inquire about project news on the website www.doh-bypass.com.

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