Criteria and Supporting Documents for Employers Sending Employees Abroad for Training Not Exceeding 45 Days

For employees being sent to work abroad, in a form where the domestic employer sends employees for overseas training, for a period not exceeding 45 days, the employer must notify the Department of Employment, Ministry of Labor, according to the following criteria:

  1. Employers intending to send their employees, who work according to the objectives of the employer's business, for overseas training not exceeding 45 days, must submit a notification form to the Director-General of the Department of Employment or his/her designated delegate prior to the employee's departure date. The remuneration or benefits received by the employee abroad should not be lower than the rate and criteria set by the Director-General of the Department of Employment.
  2. The employer must not collect any fees or benefits from the said overseas training.
  3. The employer sending employees for overseas training must be responsible for the employee's return travel to the Kingdom.

The employers must prepare the following supporting documents:

  1. Notification form of sending employees for overseas training not exceeding 45 days as per section 49 bis (1) (Form Jor Ngor 46)
  2. Certificate of company registration and shareholder details (Form Bor Oor Chor 5)
  3. Proof of permission for trainees to enter the country
  4. Training curriculum or schedule
  5. Document showing that the trainee is an employee, such as Form Phor Ngor Dor 1 or social security card
  6. Training contract
  7. List of employees who will be trained abroad (Form Chor Ngor 47)

     The employer must make copies of all documents and present the originals on the day of the application. The employer or authorized person should sign all supporting documents, and, if applicable, stamp the company seal.

     The notification of sending employees for overseas training takes about 3 hours to process, depending on several factors such as if the application or supporting documents are incomplete or have errors, causing inability to consider. In such cases, the officer will record the deficiencies of the document or required additional documents. The applicant must then rectify and/or submit additional documents within the deadline set in the record. Failure to do so will result in the officer considering the application as abandoned, with the applicant or the authorized signatory signing the record, and the applicant or the authorized signatory will receive a copy of the deficiency record as evidence. No fee is charged for notifying or sending employees for overseas training.

Data updated on June 17, 2023
Source: Ministry of Labour
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